Jalan Industries

Jalan Industries is an umbrella company for a group of tea companies owned and run by our family for four consecutive generations. Founded in 1939 by Mr. Murleidhor Jalan, the original group consisted of rice mills, plywood manufacturing and several tea gardens. Presently we manage five tea estates in Upper Assam. 


We have had corporate social responsibility built into our management for more than 75 years. We support schools, hospitals, parks, temples, charitable trusts and other development based organisations. Since 2012, Jalan Industries has partered with Mana Organics, for all its sustainability initiatives on the tea plantations.

Chota Tingrai Tea Estate (CT)

Chota Tingrai Tea Estate (CT) is located in the Tinsukia district of Assam. Established in 1943, it currently spans 600 Hectares, with 350 Ha. of planted tea. Chota Tingrai is home to 600 families with a total population of 2200. We manufacture Assam black teas, and Japanese-style green teas. We have converted 100 Ha of our planation to organic, and produce 100% certified organic teas that is managed by our partner Mana Organics. We take pride in providing our customers excellent teas while making our tea gardens environmentally and socially sustainable.

To make excellent teas, we are constantly improving our technology and art of making teas. We believe in advancing our cultivation methods using irrigation, mechanised agricultural tools, and invest in our work force. Our green tea factory in Chota Tingrai is the first of its kind in India, with all machinery and technique developed in partnership with Japanese experts.

To achieve environmental sustainability, we have converted a third of our tea estate to organic with the help of Mana Organics, and we continue to convert sections every year. We believe in a fully integrated, closed loop farming system that makes us more sustainable. All our organic inputs are generated from waste, or produced within our estate. We integrate waste management and natural resource management to produce more than 100 tonnes of compost every season.

Socially, we believe we can only be sustainable if all our stakeholders have equal rights and opportunities. We work towards bringing socio-economic development for our worker communities. We train and develop local talent and encourage them to join our management team. Currently, all our field supervisors come from our local worker community. Chota Tingrai and Dinjoye are home to 1200 families, and we work with our resident community to implement several development projects.

By buying our teas, you not only enjoy the high quality, you also  contribute towards our mission of preserving the heritage of tea while making it sustainable and transforming it into a modern, global industry.

Dinjoye Tea Estate (DJ)

Dinjoye Tea Estate is located in the Dibrugarh district, in Assam. It is the first tea plantation to be planted by an Indian by the Late. Mr. Murleidhor Jalan, the founder of the Jalan Industries group, in 1923. It is among the oldest plantations in the region. This is a 300 Ha. garden producing premium leaf teas, with a full range of orthodox teas for domestic as well as export markets. These teas have been selling under the Dinjoye brand all over the world. Dinjoye is starting to convert its new and young teas to organic management and our loose leaf teas come from Dinjoye.

Durrung Tea Estate (DRG)

Durrung Tea Estate, located in the Sonitpur district of Assam, was established in 1864. Spread over 400 Ha, it is one of the oldest tea estates of Assam, make high quality black CTC teas. Our family acquired this tea estate in October of 2o18, making it the newest addition to our group of gardens.


Jalannagar South Tea Estate (JNS)

Originally the Chowkhidingi tea company incorporated in the UK, JNS was acquired by Jalan Industries in the 1950s. This tea plantation is situated in the heart of Dibrugarh town.Today, the JNS plantation is limited to only 80 Ha. of plantations. Currently, the JNS factory supports small growers in the region, and runs as a bought leaf factory. Moving forward, we plan to convert this tea estate into a 100% organic production to make high quality orthodox teas.

Tingamira Tea Estate (TGM)

Tingamira Tea Estate is a 100 Ha. pure clonal garden planted in 1984. It is located in the Doomdooma district of Assam, and one of the highest yeilding gardens of upper Assam. Prior to this plantation, this property was a tea seed bari ( house), which supplied tea seeds to almost all tea gardens in the Upper Assam belt.  Tingamira produces very high quality, strong CTC teas. 

Executive Team

Mrigendra Jalan
Mrigendra Jalan

Mrigendra (Morgan) is an old hand at tea, and has perfected the black tea manufactures at both the estates. He is an experienced planter and has been a pioneer in introducing tea bags, organic teas, and green tea in India in the 80’s.

Mrityunjay Jalan
Mrityunjay Jalan

Mrityunjay (MJ) is our marketing director and has been a pioneer in bringing Japanese-style green tea to Assam with the guidance of Mr. Hara, after who the factory has been named – Hara Green Tea factory 

Avantika Jalan
Avantika Jalan

Avantika has been dynamic in improving our soil fertility and plant health. Her goal is to make us a model sustainable tea estate. She oversees the field management and leads the social projects at our estates.

Our Partners

Mana Organics

Mana Organics is a social enterprise in India that retails our organic teas in India and America. Mana manages the organic tea cultivation and manufacture at Chota Tingrai and has been working with us since 2012.  Mana has converted several hectares of tea to organic using sustainable farming methods. They also plan and manage our social projects and helps us achieve social and environmental sustainability.  For more information on Mana please visit their website www.mana-organics.com.

Arete Imports, LLC

Arete Imports, LLC. led by John Grams, is our US based partner company that makes our teas easily available to the North American market.